Savannah River Beard Wash

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Get rid of your dry, tangled and rough beard and condition without stripping your beard of its natural beard oils. Our beard wash is infused with vitamins and minerals that keep it strong and balanced. Gentle enough for everyday use. Helps keep your beard soft, hydrated and balanced.

Specially Formulated To:

  • Repair split ends
  • Clean and Replenish
  • Nourish Beard follicle
  • Stimulate growth

Inspired by canoeing down the Savannah River. Warm and happy scent. Sweet orange mixed with earthy patchouli with a touch of lavender. Not a feminine fragrance at all. This scent has been described by a customer as "sun in a bottle".

All products proudly made in Aiken, South Carolina by a veteran owned and operated small business.

To use: Squeeze a dime size amount into your hand, rub between hands to form a lather, wash beard and skin thoroughly, then rinse.

Comes in a 4 oz bottle.